..we're a smarketing agency

Yes.. a smarketing agency with a sharp digital edge.

We specialise in SMARKETING. That means that whatever we do for our clients digitally is done with one singular objective in mind. The Sale. We create vibrant and engaging Facebook campaigns. We drive ridiculous amounts of traffic to websites and landing pages with Google Adwords. Our clients enjoy unmatched digital footprints thanks to our SEO team. We make professional people look legendary on Linkedin. And we create terabytes of content for your target market to consume while you nurture them down your sales funnel. And for those clients whose websites don’t work the way it’s supposed to, we build brand new search engine optimised websites that look and works beautifully on any mobile device. But above all, one that works like an employee to sell your product or service.

We are the agency you talk to when your business needs more TRAFFIC, more LEADS.. and most importantly, more CUSTOMERS.. in other word more TLC

Halala Facebook.. Halala!!

It’s kinda hard to ignore the Facebook buzz these days..

And there is a very good reason for that. Businesses are making the jump to Facebook advertising because it bloody works. They have ads that will get your fanpage as many likes as you want – if that is your thing. Some people just love to be loved.
Then they have ads that will send a few bakkie loads of traffic to your website – if you have one and you need users to do something there. They also have this nifty thing called lead ads. It’s where you click an ad and a form pops up that is already auto-populated with your details. All you have to do is click the SUBMIT button and off it goes. Whilst most people use Facebook ads as pure advertising, we have developed a knack for using it to drive leads and sales. We are a smarketing agency after all. Our job is not done until our client makes the sale. And that’s what we do best with Facebook ads.

Oh.. and the bonus.. You can patch your Facebook ads through to also show on Instagram. Nifty huh? But doing all that demands time.. wit.. and some skill. Something we have in spades here at AllBrand. So when you’re ready to make money using Facebook, all you gotta do is..